How to look at a dream and make that real

I have been lost in the last two and a half-year, i forgot how to look at something knowing that´s what i really want.

It  was a bad time, i don´t have a reason in the things have been doing, thats turn me crazy, the feeling of nothing it´s enought or the feeling like “it´s that”. Now i´m writhing in english for a reason, i have just 1 year to improve like 10 in that language. It will be a hard work, but the reason for that makes really good sense.

How to reach your dream, and the patch u have to seek, when u find the way all looks like: Yeah thats what i really want, that´s how i will make all my choices, that´s how I gone get my Porsche and a BMW.

It´s hard to know what u want but when u know, u know, that´s glows your eyes just for the view of the dream.


~ por René Ramirez em 19/12/2009.

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